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Hallmarks of Leather Artisan skill and craftsmanship

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The bag you choose to tote, not only comes down to personal taste and your daily needs, but reflects your appreciation for authenticity and timelessness – qualities that can only be attributed to a well-made item.

As such, Convict bags are designed and handcrafted by experienced and accomplished leather artisans right here in Australia. This ensures that every single bag not only includes a generous dose of functionality, but the hallmark signs of traditional craftsmanship.

Whilst fashion in the 21st century moves at a rapid pace, here at Convict we prefer to dawdle. Traditional artisan skills and age-old craftsmanship take time to execute.  Our bags are not mass-produced, or are simply another number on a production line. Once designed, the bags’ prototypes are tested before going into production, and then handmade with love and care in one of our carefully hand chosen hides. Given the longevity of a Convict bag, if a repair needs to be done, it is restored by the same person who made it.  Our customers appreciate the care (and Convict love) that we invest in every single one of our handbags.

Whilst our workmanship reflects that of European fashion houses and their tradition of working with master craftsmen, Convict bags are quintessentially Australian.  Each is unique due to natural markings on the hide, and features minimal styling, which is authentic and down-to-earth, and reflects our convict heritage and the inimitable and raw beauty that Australia is known for. Convict bags also have a connection to the iconic poem My Country, by Dorothea Mackellar. Hidden inside each one, is a woven ribbon with an extract of the iconic Australian poem.

Hopefully our devotion and small contribution to this dying art form will assist in keeping this precious industry thriving, because we make our bags not only for you, but also for generations to come.


Enjoy it.

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